Keynote Speech at SDS 2016

On 04th April 2016, I will give a keynote speech at the 3rd IEEE Symposium on Software Defined Systems, which will be held at the Charlottenburg Campus of TU Berlin.

The title of the keynote is: "Software Defined Security: issues, challenges and perspectives".

ABSTRACT: The ever-increasing availability of Internet accessible services, also driven by the diffusion of connected devices, has made cyber security a very hot topic involving both business operations and people's everyday life. The exposition to cyber threats demands for suitable methodologies, techniques and tools allowing to adequately handle issues arising in such a complex domain. The advent Software Defined Networking (SDN) posed the basis for handling, in a more flexible way, dynamically changing requirements, which emerge in complex networking scenarios, by exploiting a software-enabled network controller. SND technologies have the great potential of relieving the burden of implementing in a consistent way policies and best-practices directed to ensure the safe operation of networks. However, cyber-threats may directly menace the core components of a SDN architecture and this gives raise to the need of securing the SDN itself. This talk will give a survey on issues, challenges and perspectives on achieving security through SDN and securing SDN.