Modeling cyber systemic risk for the business continuity plan of a Bank

TitleModeling cyber systemic risk for the business continuity plan of a Bank
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsFurfaro, A, Gallo, T, Saccà, D
EditorBuccafurri, F, Holzinger, A, Kieseberg, P, Weippl, E
Book TitleThe International Cross Domain Conference and Workshop (CD-ARES 2016)
Series VolumeLNCS
Pagination158 – 174
CitySalzburg, Austria

The pervasive growth and diffusion of complex IT systems, which handle critical business aspects of today’s enterprises and which cooperate through computer networks, has given rise to a significant expansion of the exposure surface towards cyber security threats. A threat, affecting a given IT system, may cause a ripple effect on the other interconnected systems often with unpredictable consequences. This type of exposition, known as cyber systemic risk, is a very important concern especially for the international banking system and it needs to be suitably taken into account during the requirement analysis of a bank IT system. This paper proposes the application of a goal-oriented methodology (GOReM), during the requirements specification phase, in order to consider adequate provisions for prevention and reaction to cyber systemic risk in banking systems. In particular, the context of the Italian banking system is considered as a case study.