Efficient classification of digital images based on pattern-features

TitleEfficient classification of digital images based on pattern-features
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsRombo, SE, Furfaro, A
Conference Name5th International Conference on Physiological Computing Systems
ISBN Number978-989-758-329-2

Selecting a suitable set of features, which is able to represent the data to be processed while retaining the relevant distinctive information, is one of the most important issues in classification problems. While different features can be extracted from the raw data, only few of them are actually relevant and effective for the classification process. Since relevant features are often unknown a priori, many candidate features are usually introduced. This degrades both the speed and the predictive accuracy of the classifier due to the presence of redundancy in the feature candidate set. We propose a class of features for image classification based on the notion of irredundant bidimensional pair-patterns, and we present an algorithm for image classification based on their extraction. The devised technique scales well on parallel multi-core architectures, as witnessed by the experimental results that have been obtained exploiting a benchmark image dataset.