Gathering Malware Data through High-Interaction Honeypots

TitleGathering Malware Data through High-Interaction Honeypots
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsFurfaro, A, Lupia, F, Saccà, D
Conference Name28th Symposium on Advanced Database Systems
Conference LocationVillasimius, Sardinia, Italy

The widespread and ever increasing number of services and devices which expose their interfaces to the Internet make the cyberspace a fertile ground for malware activities. Hence there is a strong demand for cybersecurity solutions ensuring their safe operation. Honeypots are networked computer systems purposely designed and crafted to mimic regular services, operating systems and devices with the goal of capturing and storing information about the interactions with attacking entities and we repute them as a crucial technology into the study of cyber threats and attacks. This paper presents the main features of EMPHAsis, a data streaming analytics system based on high-interaction honeypots, which enables the collection and analysis of relevant data about intercepted malware.