A Java-Based Adaptive Media Streaming On-Demand Platform

TitleA Java-Based Adaptive Media Streaming On-Demand Platform
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsFortino, G, Furfaro, A, Russo, W, Guerri, JC, Pajares, A, Palau, CE
Conference NameProc. of Euromedia'02
Date PublishedApril 15–17
PublisherSCS Europe
Conference LocationModena, Italy

Nowadays, media streaming architectures and systems are gaining focus due to the widespread diffusion of IP-based, bandwidth- capable digital networks which can really support multimedia data-intensive on-demand services. In this paper, we present a Media on-Demand system which provides adaptive, multicast, and collaborative media streaming. Media streaming relies on the Real time Transport Protocol whereas streaming control is centered on the Real Time Streaming Protocol. A distinguishing feature of the proposed system is the ability of the media streamer component at the server side to adapt the media flow on the basis of the RTCP feedback of the client. The paper also describes the Java-based implementation of the system which uses the Java Media Framework library.